About Matt Rice

Matt and Bryn Rice are lead pastors of Life City. They have been in ministry for over 25 years and have threechildren: Jordan, Sara, and Josiah; and a grandson, Ezra.


Matt gave his life to Christ at the age of 18, while pursuing a career as a rock musician. After a powerful experience with the Holy Spirit, he felt the call of God to preach the gospel. Since that time he has ministered as a pastor and evangelist, seeing thousands born again, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and healed. He has also had opportunities as a communicator in the marketplace, including facilitating Personal Branding seminars for rookies in the National Football League.


Matt and Bryn have dedicated their lives to pursuing God and building the local church. Together, they share a compassionate message of hope. They believe that, wherever you are in life’s journey, it’s never too late for God to transform you and empower you to fulfill your purpose. When you walk through the doors of Life City, you will encounter a welcoming community of people who love Jesus and believe that with God all things are possible.


Matt and Bryn graduated from World Harvest Bible College. Matt is a graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University (BBA), Liberty University School of Divinity (MTS), and Capital University Law School (JD).